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無縫運動鞋產品的由來,起源於一群愛好運動和時尚有熱忱的年輕人。我們對於現有的運動鞋 感到不滿意,希望能夠找到一款既舒適又透氣並符合運動需求的產品。


無縫運動鞋這款產品因其卓越的設計和優異的品質而迅速崛起。運動不再是功能,更是時尚的一部份。無縫運動鞋將時尚和運動完美結合,讓你無論是在場館還是街頭都能散發出優雅的藝術風格。讓我們一起踏入時尚和運動的未來! 給你最完美的體驗。


The story of the "Seamless Sports Shoe" brand began with a group of young people passionate about sports and comfort. We were dissatisfied with existing sports shoes and sought to find a product that was both comfortable and suitable for sports activities. 

So, we began researching and experimenting with the aim of creating the perfect sports shoe. After continuous testing and improvement, we finally developed a seamless design sports shoe that not only offered comfort but also provided the support and protection athletes needed.

The "Seamless Sports Shoe" quickly rose to prominence due to its exceptional design and superior product quality. It was not only popular among athletes but also widely recognized by consumers. The 
"Seamless Sports Shoe" has become a leader in the sports shoe industry, with a large number of loyal users worldwide.

Today, the "Seamless Sports Shoe" continues to focus on innovation and progress, dedicated to providing athletes with the best products and services. We believe that only by continuously improving can we continue to maintain our leading position.


Logo 設計理念

Logo Design concept
The rotation of the earth is inclined, the angle of inclination is about 23.5 degrees, because of the tilt, there are only four seasons. Logo brand is four-leaf lucky grass as a symbol,The hope, health, mercy and wealth of all people in the world.
The first leaf is faith
The second leaf is health
The third leaf is true love
The fourth leaf is rich wealth
The hope and faith of the God Kito coincides with the thought of Ed

• 鞋類 : 柔軟、服貼、輕盈、透氣
• 運動用品類 : 舒適、排汗、吸水力強

Main products
• TShoe type : soft, fitting, lightweight, breathable.
• TMobility product type : comfortable, sweaty, strong water absorption.
台灣公司地址 : 臺灣臺中市北區大誠街131巷4弄8號1樓
Company Address : 1F., No. 8, Aly. 4, Ln. 131, Dacheng St., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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  • E-mail :
  • Hotline : +886-972-739-729 Dean
  • Hotline : +84-339-302-558 Dean
  • Hotline : +886-987-758-967 Teresa
  • Hotline : +84-937-277-503 Teresa
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